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Discover our services
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Innovation does not lie
in technological progress,
but in a curious mind.

the qube

It has been working for years in the digital innovation sector and is an important reference point for companies and start-ups in the Puglia region.


“The Cube is a wonderful example of the rigour of nature, of the great richness of natural laws: it is a perfect example of the possibilities of the human mind to test its scientific rigour and to master itself. It represents the union between reality and beauty, which for me is the same thing.”

Ernő Rubik

An invention that has become a symbol of European ingenuity is the Rubik’s Cube or Magic Cube, a famous 3D twisty puzzle invented by Hungarian architecture professor and sculptor Ernő Rubik in 1974. In common usage, everything that represents a puzzle and requires ingenuity, creativity and determination is compared to the Rubik’s Cube.

The Qube aims to be the solution to the challenges that those who want to do business feel they have to face, by providing business consulting tools in the field of soft finance, multi-channel marketing and training.

The Qube supports innovation, creativity and scientific research, inspiring young people and adults, fostering their curiosity and encouraging them to find new solutions through the implementation of strategic operations aimed at spreading the entrepreneurial culture in the area.

Ing. Salvatore Modeo
Project Manager

Dr Vanessa Coppola
Public Finance

Dr Raffaella Ferreri

Michele De Luca
Public Finance

michele maderna-public finance-tqc srl-services for companies

Michele Maderna
Public Finance

Omar Cafaro
Web Developer

Laura Giorgino - Consultant - Social Media Manager - TQC Consulting

Laura Giorgino
Social Media


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